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            And embellish group co., LTD. Is a comprehensive management of private enterprises,Founded in1979Years。Group owns dozens of entities and holding equity companies at home and abroad,Business covers the grain and oil processing、The modern logistics、Oil ChuMao、Real estate development、Industrial investment and other fields。For many years among the Chinese private enterprises500To be strong,2018In the first year154positio;China's private manufacturing enterprises500To be strong,At the top of the first83positio。      ...
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    2018Years3Month16Day,By China communications construction company and embellish group co., LTD. Jointly invest in the construction of Brazil st. Louis port project in Brazil held the foundation stone laying ceremony of maranhao state st。The project is expected to be“the Belt and Roa”Docking demonstration project and important hub of Brazil and Latin America,Promoting china-brazil unicom and even of the facilities、Trade open、Financing,Realize the joint development。


    2016Years:And embellish group involved in large state-owned grain enterprise beidahuang group mixed ownership reform。After the investment of beidahuang is heilongjiang province's largest food group、The industry's most influential one of grain purchase and sale enterprises。 

    In the same year,And set up logistics department,For uniform operation management group's logistics sector。At the same time,Jinzhou port opened to Yang Hong Kong bulk liner transfer storage and transportation routes,Opened and embellish group and the beidahuang group“South north food shipment”Comprehensive cooperation;And add nearly a bulk river ships,Preliminary finished“South north food shipment、Jianghai transport、Ports and linkage”The strategic layout。

    Foundation and embellish group, sichuan luzhou industrial park of food logistics,Marks and embellish luzhou project officially started,Become and run grain and oil based in sichuan、Radiation of the important milestone strategy。


    2015Years:And embellish group signed with fujian putian city grain logistics trade and grain and oil food deep processing project investment agreement,And run grain and oil food grain and oil processing and logistics industrial park ground putian。


    2014Years:And embellish the north sea, warehousing logistics and soy protein feed project startup,Marks and embellish group cooperation with the north sea grain and oil processing and food logistics project officially started。


    2013Years:And run into the bulk business,Shanghai waigaoqiao shipyard built together hand in hand4The world's largest18Ten thousand tons of bulk grain ship type,To open up the international food transport routes laid a solid foundation。


    2011Years:Founded in wuhan China grain and oil industry co., LTD and wuhan and embellish logistics co., LTD,Driving the development of food and logistics enterprises,The formation of industry cluster and logistics network radiation。


    2010Years:Set up with the jiangsu China grain and oil industrial co., LTD., jiangsu runhua logistics co., LTD,Become an important grain and oil processing base of the Yangtze river economic belt and distribution hub,For the implementation of south north food development strategy laid a solid foundation。


    2008Years:And embellish group to wisco、Ningbo port group zhejiang zhoushan wu dock co., LTD,Build modernization of considerable scale ore transshipment port in Yangtze river delta。


    2005Years:Registered for zhejiang and embellish industrial group co., LTD。2008Years,Approved by the state administration for industry and commerce,And embellish upgraded to industry、No regional group。


    2003Years:And embellish ChuMao oil industry development by leaps and bounds,Establishment of zhoushan Jin Run oil transport co., LTD,In zhoushan construction of horizontal oil tank capacity168Thousands of cubic meters,Annual transport capacity of more than2000Thousands of cubic meters of ChuMao base oil。


    2001Years:And run into the grain and oil processing and food logistics industry,Establishment of zhoushan China grain and oil industry co., LTD。Zhoushan China grain and oil as the first project to zhoushan harbor industry,Production was boosted GDP nearly local industry10Two percentage points。


    2000Years:And run into the oil ChuMao industries,Establishment of zhoushan jinhui petroleum co., LTD,Is approved by the state ministry of commerce has refined oil business qualification of the enterprise。


    1998Years:And run into the real estate industry,Establishment of zhoushan vanda real estate co., LTD。


    1996Years:The first logistics enterprises and embellish group——Zhoushan putuo oil transport trade co., LTD. Was set up,Has the largest domestic vegetable oil transportation fleet,Vegetable oil transportation share of the domestic market85%。


    1979Years:And embellish group predecessor bathed the sunshine rain and dew of the reform and opening up,On the process of entrepreneurship。

    And run

    “2019China's private enterprises500To be strong”Came out And embellish group ranks16

    Temporal Guo Xiaoyun line inspection secretary of municipal party committee of jiangsu China grain and oil

    Docking“the Belt and Roa”,Active service National bureau and

    Henan province development and reform commission (NDRC) week bears, zhoukou, leading research project

    Luzhou China cereals, oils and is put into production,Party secretary liu led research

    “Bayi”Support for sympathy The table sex Sympathy and embellish group zhu

    Unity is strength!To fight against typhoon and embellish group“He”

    Attend as outstanding in sichuan and zhejiang2019Sichuan business development conference YuSongBo master

    To promote the friendship,To promote economic and trade cooperation The Brazilian maranhao state vice

    Hubei provincial governor group Zhu Wankui line of research, general manager of wuhan China

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